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Translucency is often not distinguished as being a realised transparency. This is no more the case than lingerie being unrealised nudity. Translucency indicates. Translucency alludes. Translucency entices and encourages closer examination. This is what I wanted the audience to see, to explore, to question and to make sense of. Unravelling, unpeeling each and every layer, the story of Scaramouch depicts the beauty and tragedy both are equally heart-rending combined. 
My research into the background of the circus aided and supported my insight into life as a performer, the text of Scaramouche provoked depth and important thought processes to enable my final design. The sourcing of fabrics was paramount to the success of my garments and finding the right raw materials for assembly and the final design led me on an interesting journey. Extending my knowledge of using materials that hold strong shape and form, however, are almost impossible to fit and structure. This taught me new skills and developed my techniques through manipulating a fabric using only steam.
The model I chose had an aura of the unknown a ‘certain something’ a unique look and stature that could carry the costume with attitude and yet somebody who could portray the deeply powerful physique; providing the evoking imagery inspired by Scaramouche Jones.

Model - Carter Sweet

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