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Wedding and event styling which is more than “just looks nice” or “I just like it”. To develop something so personal, that the couple's character radiates through every aspect of their day.


When designer Daisy, began planning her wedding in 2021. It was clear that trends and ‘in fashion’ styles lead the way for weddings and their overall aesthetics, rather than personal preferences.

It was evident to see that if ‘olive’ weddings were in trend, then olive colour pallets were everywhere. Daisy was keen to strive away from trends and fashionable elements and really exhibit the true personality, of her and her fiancé's character and relationship. This is exactly what Daisy believed to be central to a wedding; “it should be a pure display of your love and every element which is central to your relationship”.

Daisy Emilia takes a deep dive into the creative minds of couples and unpicks core values or characteristics from their relationship to then turn this into a creative visual display. This is later used for colour pallets, invitations, family logos, fabric stationery, event styling and even custom wedding sketchbooks.

This artistic exploration into the minds of couples creates a cohesive overall aesthetic with all elements of your wedding coming together perfectly.

We only use skilled local independent makers to support Daisy Emilia with any craftsmanship we cannot do ourselves. 

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