Daisy Emilia is a bespoke design company, specialising in beautiful hand-crafted items.


The brand is run by lead designer Daisy Salisbury, Daisy has always had a love for the creative world ever since she was tiny. During her time in education, art was a way to escape all else, more recently Daisy has completed a BA Hons in Fashion Design and Design for Performance attaining a first-class degree.  

During her final year, Daisy dabbled in ceramics creating a collection from combining clay and material. Ceramics have become a real passion for Daisy’s creative work

After finishing university she has recently begun to create small handcrafted gifts, unique items with true sentimental value.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”  

"This one quote by Thomas Merton sums up my relationship with art. When I begin to create I get completely absorbed into my work, exploding with passion and enthusiasm. I have grown up exploring my creative personality, pushing my knowledge to its limits, constantly striving to advance my skills.

Materials, mediums, the physical elements that I use play an enormous role in my experimentation work, I create visions with my hands and without interesting materials, I feel that designs lack depth.


The natural world that surrounds me offers immense inspiration in my creative work. I am truly captivated by the smallest of details which nature creates thus enhancing my attention to detail. There are endless inspirations and influences that the natural world can offer.

Being able to immerse myself in my work only comes from deep-rooted inspiration. The natural world acts as my escape and over time has led to finding a route to my very being. I am able to be completely at one with myself thus enhancing my artistic flair."

-Daisy Salisbury January 2017



"I’ve always been encapsulated and fascinated by the capacity of colours, materials and fabrics that have the ability to change mood or express emotions."

- Daisy Salisbury