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Lead by designer Daisy Salisbury, Daisy has always had a love for the creative world ever since she was tiny. During her time in education, art was a way to escape all else, Daisy has a first-class BA Hons in Fashion Design and Design for Performance.

“It was always so hard to choose what I wanted to do as an actual job… meaning when I finished my degree, I felt lost. Lost with too many ideas but no outlet or path.

My passion lay within creating sketchbooks, I loved the searching, the hunter-gatherer mindset of collecting found “things”. Objects of interest, piecing them together to create beautiful catalogues. 

But how could anyone turn sketch-booking into a job..? 

I learnt so many additional skills trying to hown my creative flair into some kind of box, trying to conform to some kind of category, which I never quite fitted. A rather difficult concept to grasp, fresh out of uni.


5 years on, I had tried many paths yet none were the perfect fit, for my creative personality. ​It took me a really long time to understand that at the stage we feel we are beginning to lose ourselves, is just when the magic begins to start. Creativity was injected back into my world when I began designing my artistic vision for our wedding. Not only was this a magical occasion because we were getting married, but I had an outlet for creativity again, with a real purpose.


I searched for something, I simply couldn’t source, something I wasn’t sure even existed. How could our wedding represent us in true form?

Materials, mediums, the physical elements used, play an enormous role, and without interesting materials, I feel that designs lack depth. When researching all I could find were surface-deep, generic wedding items, which I couldn’t stand.


So, I created a sketchbook of all our favourite things; colours, tones, seasons, food, our family, fabrics, textures, anything… anything that gave me energy, passion, and love.

True love for what magic we were creating for our unique wedding day.

Pulling so many unusual, unfamiliar yet extraordinary representations of who we are, and what we wanted, which is central to us and to our marriage.


Thus Daisy Emilia was created, to create a wedding vision that truly represents you.

I want to know you, to know your love, and to display this with my creativity.”


Daisy xo

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