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“Working with Daisy was an absolute pleasure and delight. From the beginning, Daisy was professional and direct in exactly what was needed from my service. The project was exciting and creatively stimulating. I’m extremely proud to have been part of such an amazing team of wonderful creatives. Would highly recommend to all my network.”

— Jody Sauders, MUA

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I first met Kate at a craft centre in Worcestershire in 2017. Kate is a ceramist specialising in bespoke hand-thrown pots. She has a passion for things that can’t be replicated, one of her most popular collections are her two-tone thrown vases. Created from marbling black and white porcelain clays producing free-form patterned appearances.


Kate first stumbled into ceramics during her foundation in 1991, instantly she fell in love with the medium- “I immediately felt at one with the clay”. Following her foundation, Kate went on to study a ceramics degree at Staffordshire University graduating in 1995.


Kate supported me during my final academic year at university where we collaborated on Material Contrasts discovering the link between ceramics and conventional clothing.

since working with kate we have maintained a very strong friendship and we are continuing to explore the opportunities with clay and other mediums. 


When talking with Kate I asked her what it was that she liked about ceramics, she expressed how much she loved clay as a medium “the versatility, malleability and oddly because it’s not easy it presents challenges”. This challenging medium offers Kate constant problem-solving opportunity which she states, “keeps it interesting”. One element she loves about clay is how readily recyclable it is, if you have created something that hasn’t turned out right, you can simply squash it back down and remodel it.


Andrea is first and foremost a Wedding photographer, however, she very kindly agreed to collaborate on my Material contrasts collection.

I would best describe Andreas wedding photography as dreamy, romantic with a Bohemian edge. She catches the brides vision with effortless colour pallets, relaxed candid shots and quirky in the moment photos.


We worked together closely during Material Contrasts, exploring colour pallets, location and shoot ideas. 


Andrea captured my vision perfectly, better than expected I would 100% use her photography skills again. 

Pixie Abbott Photography

Daisy Emilia Video

When creating my brand I knew I wanted a direct link with the one thing that inspires me most; the natural world.

So after having conversations with Abi, we came up with the idea of creating a video to explore my creative inspiration directly, in a very visual way.

The location of the shoot was in Brockhampton national trust, in Bromyard a beautiful location just on the border of Herefordshire. This place has been an escape for me from day to day life and allows me to reconnect with nature. 

Brockhampton's vast beauty carved the way for my creative work, the ideas and inspirations that I have gained from coming here over the years, is truly astounding.

Filmed and edited by Abi Jones - BA (Hons) Artist Designer: Maker

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