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Material Contrasts is the exploration of combining the material properties of ceramics and conventional clothing fabric. The striking difference between the two mediums creates an unusual and captivating appearance. This work has been an expression of my artistic personality; alongside new skills and techniques, inspired by the organic lines and forms which nature effortlessly creates. This body of work has been tailored to Andrea Abbott’s specifications, enabling her true creative side to unveil in her photographic work.


Material Contrasts pushed my creativity to new levels, exploring something so new and out of my skills range was exhilarating. From my research clay had seldom been used in any form of clothing due to its material qualities and durability. This offered me a stimulating challenge to try and utilise something that had hardly been trialled before. I have endlessly explored, learning new skills and driving myself to solve problems that arise when working with contemporary materials. This project would not have been possible without the expertise of ceramicist, Kate Pullen, tirelessly devoting her time to teach me the fundamental skills of using clay.


Material Contrasts displays the smallest of details which nature creates; from the growth of mushrooms submerging gnarled roots, to the way fresh morning dew clings to the undergrowth. The tiniest, unrefined, organic compositions heavily influence my design, offering endless inspirations.

Female Model - Saskia Marriott

Male Model - Dave Robert Eade


Pixie Abbott Photography 

MUA and Hair Stylist

Jody Sauders

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