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Decomposing Pastels 

My inspiration for this body of work came from tensions, mapping and lines created within the natural world.  I began researching decay, growth, fungi, death and the progression of life, looking specifically at colour, tone, pattern and structure.

In this project I learnt about technical garments and how fashion items come together. My shirt was of a very traditional structure with and asymmetric front and draped floating panel.  I wanted my shirt to have the organic construction found within innate form as well as structure that supports and is evident in the natural world.


“With my decomposing body and soul, I know I can not walk miles,

I know you can not come to follow my faint footprints,

you fear to hold me back, because then I will just crumble in your hands and arms…but please hold me, let this long known face slip through your finger with a last loving smile.” - Anita Chuladhara

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